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How to tell the difference between Bertinelli and Wayne


Follow these simple steps:

  1. Look at the picture you wanna upload.
  2. Look at this guide and see in which category does it fall. Tag accordingly.
  3. If you’re still confused, submit the picture you wanna upload to me and I’ll tell you to the best of my ability.
  4. An alternative to that, do a “Search by image” in Google and try to find out which issue is it from, then look up the issue (DC Wikia should work for this) and see if it says Helena Bertinelli or Helena Wayne. Also keep in mind that a lot of google images of the Helenas are mislabeled because of people confusing the two so often. Do NOT tag them based on the images you get from google searches.
  5. If you’re still not sure which Huntress is in the picture you wanna upload, then just upload the picture and tag it ONLY as Huntress. Do NOT tag it as BOTH Helena Bertinelli AND Helena Wayne.

Okay so here we go.

First off, these are NOT Helena Bertinelli


This is Helena Wayne in her pre-crisis outfit. Bertinelli only wears this outfit in Gotham Knights #38 where she hallucinates and sees herself dressed up as Helena Wayne, and in Batman the Brave and the Bold (both the cartoon and comic).


This is also Helena Wayne as she appears in the New52 reboot of DC Comics. There is no appearance of Helena Bertinelli in the New52. Except in Li’l Gotham and MAYBE in Injustice* (although that is not confirmed yet). That 6 issue series, written by Paul Levitz, with art by Marcus To is in fact Helena Wayne, despite her using Helena Bertinelli’s (who is currently no more than a dead daughter of a mafia family) name as an alias.

Please read these theories as to why Helena Bertinelli would be the Huntress in Injustice.


Helena Wayne as Robin in the New52. Helena Bertinelli was never Robin.


This is again Helena Wayne (as Batwoman). Helena Bertinelli did wear the Bat symbol,but her costume was either this or this. And before one of you says: Wait a sec, that looks like Cass Cain. Helena was the one who created the costume that Cass wore, and Helena wore that costume before Bruce took it from her and gave it to Cass in No Man’s Land.


This is Helena Kyle (Wayne). She appears in the Birds of Prey TV show, along with Barbara Gordon and Dinah Lance (Redmond). In this show Helena is still the daughter of Batman and Catwoman, but uses the name Helena Kyle rather than Wayne. Also keep in mind that in the comics, Helena Wayne (or Kyle) was never with the Birds of Prey. As far as comics go, Helena Bertinelli was the only Helena Huntress who was in the Birds of Prey.


Character using the name Helena Bertinelli and Huntress, but being nothing like the Helena Bertinelli we see in the comics and in the animated series. Even her backstory is changed completely and she’s made to be nothing more than an object that people use for their pleasure, both in the Arrow comics and the series.

Now, let’s talk about some things that distinguish Bertinelli from Wayne.


These are the costumes that Helena Bertinelli wore (it is included the costume that she wore in Batman the Brave and the Bold aka the pink-ish one that Helena Wayne is known for wearing).



If you click on the source, the description of the image will clarify which costume belonged to which series.

Bertinelli is known to have crosses attached to her cape, as you can see above. As far as DC Comics go, Helena Wayne never wore a cross attached to her cape. She wore a cross on her costume, but that’s another story.

In her earlier versions, her mask never went past her hair (she didn’t have those Batman looking “ears” to her mask), like Wayne’s does. So the way her mask is can be a good way to tell in her early depictions.

She wears golden clips on her cape, (sometimes) when she wears the black (dark-purple, sometimes blue) costume with a huge white cross on it. Wayne does not have those clips (yet) on her version of the costume that we see in the New 52.

The belly window. This is probably the most recognizable part. Helena Wayne never had a costume with the belly window. So whenever you see that version, it’s clearly Bertinelli. I would also like to add that a lot of people want to sexualize Helena Wayne’s costume whenever they draw Helena Wayne and Power Girl and they add the belly window. So, whenever you’re dealing with fanart you should consult the artist first. It’s an annoying mistake, but it keeps happening because people don’t care that much about female characters or they’re just ignorant.

Shoulder pads, or the lack of them. Wayne is the only Huntress who wore shoulder pads as a permanent part of her costume since the reboot. The only time Helena Bertinelli wore shoulder pads is in Question: Pipeline.

On the black, sometimes dark purple, sometimes blue costume with the white cross on it, Bertinelli wears a purple cape. Helena Wayne’s cape in the New 52 is black.

EDIT: Wayne’s cape now became black with a purple inside AND sometimes it is just purple (like Bertinelli’s cape). The more accurate way to tell between the two by looking at their capes is look for gold clips. If they’re there then it’s Bertinelli. If she doesn’t have then, then it’s Wayne.

Helena Bertinelli usually wears a double belt (on the same costume that we were talking about above), while Helena Wayne’s is a triple belt. Please look at the images in this post if you’re confused about what that means.


She is the Huntress on New-Earth. Well until the reboot. Helena Wayne was usually the Huntress on Earth 2.

Helena Bertinelli is Italian-American. She was born in a mafia family to Maria Bertinelli and Franco Bertinelli. Later on, she found out that Franco wasn’t her real father and that Santo Cassamento (another mafia boss) was her real dad.

She witnessed her family’s murder when she was 8 (much like Batman) and then she was taken to Italy to live with the aunt and uncle, and her cousin Sal (who trained her to fight and use a crossbow). More info on her back story can be found in Cry for Blood and Huntress: Year One, although I would recommend you start with Cry for Blood.

She also works as a teacher. Which level she teaches, varies from comic to comic. I believe that the most often used one is when she’s a high school English teacher. However, in Nightwing/Huntress she is a third grade English teacher and in Batman the Brave and the Bold, she is a professor at GSU.

Bertinelli is also a devout Catholic. We see countless references about her religion in the comics. As far as I know, Wayne’s religious background has not been that expanded upon.


Bertinelli is the only Huntress (comic-wise) that worked with the Birds of Prey. She is also the Huntress in No Man’s Land, Hush, Gotham Knights, Streets of Gotham, etc. For list of appearances, please go here.

She is also the only Huntress to appear in any DC animated series. So far, she appeared in Justice League Unlimited and Batman the Brave and the Bold.


This is Helena Bertinelli in Justice League Unlimited.


This is Helena Bertinelli in Batman the Brave and the Bold.

DISCLAIMER: The pictures I used in this post do not belong to me.

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